I am very pleased to welcome you in the world of Silkwood Design. The world that brings nature into fashion and passion...


Even now or never

Silkwood Design's mother, Szilvia Kálmán, is an exceptionally brave and conscious woman. A woman who has not been "good at the right time" but with great determination and much work has created the great opportunity for herself. And for us, amazing, breathtaking wooden bags!

It's a creative but crazy idea

The words in the title was Szilvia's guiding idea in 2015 when she took a huge breath - then waited for a moment. "I'm over 40, and I'm not hiding it because I just made the decision that we are talking about here," she says with irresistible openness and serenity.


"Then I had two choices, I would stay in a labile workplace and wait for the Messiah or I'll take the risk of reopening and realize my long-cherished creative but crazy idea I knew that creating this would require a whole person."


This craze became the originally branded WoodyDesign brand, delighting with breathtakingly graceful, graceful wooden bunks, all in touch with the unusual idea. About wood and the use of wood in the common sense, the construction industry can come to our minds first. But what about fashion? Szilvia was aware that she was the first swallow in this special segment when she created it in the autumn of 2015 and then presented the first piece in December. "It was an unforgettable experience for me, because I was not prepared for people to be so open to the novelties," remembers the designer for early reception.


Reconditioned by refreshment

With the renewal of the brand to Silkwood which suggested softness and elegance, Szilvia was much closer to herself than before. The silk word beside the tree is really surprisingly close to the world of these bags. After the first association with the raw material, it may seem unbelievable, but under the hands of Szilvia, the wood is molded with grace and lightness, or with the silky breath of silk, with its endless elegance.


So the fact that Silkwood design does not work with textiles or leather, but is much more robust, more compact, does not mean that it can not create exceptionally airy and lightweight shapes. This exciting tension keeps lurking in elegant women's bags made of the most unique and finest wood of Europe and the world. As hard as to imagine this strange dynamic for the first time, it is so captivating when we come across Silkwood Bags in our hand.


Extravagant feminism

Silkwood's world is characterized by a disguised lineage, and its function and value-creating aspiration, connecting fashion with nature is central to its philosophy. Szilvia Kálmán, at Silkwood's head, is well aware of the power of both sides , so she describes the brand's message as follows: "Wooden accessories, with their fragrance and touch, savor the tranquility of nature in the noisy, urban revolutions while being elegant, feminine, unrepeatable, real pearl in the cloak of a special woman. "



Silka / Silvia Kalman