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Certainly you have come up with some questions about how practical Silkwoodbag can be, because you can only perceive this here by your eyes for now!
Please allow me for a few moments to be your sensor and smell.
The questions that may have arisen in you were my customers' questions during our personal encounters.
* The first and most common assumption and cardinal question:

1. Wooden .......... Are you sure?

In practice, I would instantly give it to you (this is my simplest method of persuasion) to make you feel how light it is.
But you wouldn't believe this "here".
So I had an idea: take a big jar of yogurt / 400gr/ out of your fridge!

You find it heavy? ................. -the weight of a clutch, - if this can be called weight - begins here, depending on size.
Your additional burden is up to you.
To see how this technique works with ease, I will share it in a later blog!


2. Wood ............ How do I clean?

Now you're surely laughing at this, because your first idea must be "with furniture polish".
Would that be so simple? Yes it is!
As a lacquered surface, you can clean it with a soft cloth and a drop of furniture or glass cleaner.
Wrap the fabric with a damp cloth, if necessary.


3. Made of wood ......... ..Perfect?

The wood elements of the bags are made with a technique that gives the wood not only strength but also flexibility, which will be strong enough to protect its contents, and would not be breaking in case you drop it off.


4. Made of wood ......... ... How waterproof?

The elements are assembled with a waterproof adhesive, which gives enough protection to the wood and to the bag itself.
However, due to the textile part, it is my recommendation not to be exposed to persistent rainfall!
You do not want more protection. Just take care of it just like any bag made of any other material!


5. Wood ............ Can it be used as a self defense weapon?

Honestly, that was not my goal when I created it!
However, if I felt in a situation at risk, and only then ......... .As a woman, without a hard fist, I would use it.

5 + 1 question


Have I got persuasive answers?
If you have any questions about Silkwoodbag, we would be happy to answer it!

Silka / Szilvia Kalman