Silkwoodbag is a sleek, lighweight product. It starts with a weight of 400g when empty, that is equal to a big cup of yoghurt. But still solid and robust. Nevertheless is constructed by long lasting and high quality materials in and outside.

Silkwoodbags feature pockets to hide your intimates well. Revealing all outside but secrets remain inside.

Never get bored with Silkwoodbag. As a natural and handmade product it will be in fashion forever.

Silkwoodbag preserve its shape forever naturally, even when gets pushed or forced. The high pressured wooden layers, and carefully crafted joints guarantee that your bag will remain as beatiful many years later as it was at the first time you had it.

We stand for protecting animals. Bags are made of wood and textile, there is no leather involved. Silkwood Design support charities for animal protection.